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Damian With an Award

Flowers give us such simple stunning beauty that we often forget to look more closely. FLORAL REFLECTIONS by DAMIAN masterfully captures the intricate detail of the botanical world in a floral canvas. With over 55 years in the industry, our owner Damian has worn many hats, including:

  • Retail Flower Shop Owner
  • Floral Design Artist
  • Flower Wholesaler
  • Award-Winning Master Gardener
  • Instructor of Floral Design
  • Floral Society President
  • Floral Consultant
  • Member of Multiple Floral Associations

This experience has given him the skill and knowledge to create stunning close-up photographs and landscapes which are printed on high-quality canvas and stretched on a frame. Damian signs, numbers, and dates every floral canvas to authenticate the piece.

Mission Statement

A love of flowers and the floral industry motivates our creative work. We are driven to promote the beauty of the horticultural world through art that evokes an emotional response. The work brings pleasure, beauty, and inspiration to all at a reasonable cost.

Member: Iowa Society of Florists, Illinois Society of Florists, & Iowa - Illinois Florist Association

A flower's beauty never fades on canvas.
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Custom Floral Wall Prints

Ordering Your Floral Wall Print

We can create any custom floral wall print at a client's request. Please contact us via email to set up a consultation to discuss what you'd like to see on your canvas. We always go the distance for our customers and provide options to meet their needs. Your print will be professionally stretched onto a canvas frame using the wrap-around technique, securely packaged, and shipped promptly. We are incredibly proud of our work, and as PROFESSIONAL Floral designers, we understand how to give flowers center stage. Our clients are our priority when it comes to creating a perfect piece of art.

We also stock a variety of work which is available to order, just let us know what you need. We can supply:

About Damian

FLORAL REFLECTIONS by DAMIAN is owned by Damian Parizek, PFDA. His collection includes limited edition photos of flowers on canvas. Damian is an internationally-known professional floral design artist with over 55 years in the business. He is often referred to as a master floral designer and is very well known for his artwork.

Damian grew up on a farm and loved to help his mother outside. He began gardening and designing plant beds by the time he was six years old. He started working in a professional flower shop at 14, and his passion for flowers and floral design grew to become a career. He has designed premier flower shows across the entire country and owned a successful retail flower shop for over 25 years. Damian commits his profession and passion entirely to the floral industry and design.